speculative design



a speculative design project inspired by the presence of a fake rock in a public park.


in this anthropocene era, in which human activity has become the dominant influence over the climate and environment, our own influence is constructing a planet less habitable for humans. citizens are given a ticket and bio-kit to choose which Bio-Bunker is their new nature.


Each cell is a representation of the ideals the cell functions under. can one give up their will and ego to another organism learn a new sustainable

way of life?


Bio-bunkers are a call for a new evolution.

In order to stabilize the environment for human life, decisions must be made to change the pattern of human impact on this planet.


Bio-Bunkers are shelters providing a chance for human survival within an apocalypse. advances in gene-editing & 3D bio-printing have allowed for the creation of chosen Bio-Bunkers. each bunker is based on a single celled organism for their easily adaptability for survival and specialization.

kelly hayes